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What Is Dentistry?

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What is dentistry? It is the field of medicine that performs surgical procedures on oral tissues and helps patients maintain dental health. The American Dental Association (ADA) aims to increase public awareness of dentists and oral health care. It is a highly-specialized field, but one that almost everyone can benefit from. The American Dental Association describes the work of a dentist as a “doctor who uses science to improve the health of people through improved oral health.”

Dentists can be divided into four general types: orthodontic, restorative, and specialty. General dentists are qualified to perform most dental procedures. Endodontists treat gum problems, periodontists address dental disease, and orthodontists correct crooked teeth. Oral surgeons perform oral surgeries. Some types of dental surgery require a license from the Board of Dentistry. Some specialty training is required.

The first book on dentistry was published in 1530. It was written in German, instead of Latin, and addressed surgeons and barber-surgeons. Several other surgeons published works on aspects of dentistry. Ultimately, the history of dentistry is as old as medicine. But its origins are quite fascinating. There was even an era when dental surgery was performed by Paul Revere and the first prosthetics were made. By the nineteenth century, dentistry had become an established profession in the colonies.

Dentists perform many important duties in the maintenance of oral health. A dentist is crucial in the early detection of oral cancer and other diseases of the mouth. In addition, dentists help to monitor overall health and educate patients about how to maintain oral health. The profession is a great choice for people who want to have a bright, healthy smile. So, what is dentistry? Consider the following:

Dentists are doctors. As a result, they must be clever, caring, and competent. Because dentistry involves working with teeth, they must be able to reassure patients, explain dental procedures clearly, and work with their patients in a friendly and understanding manner. Aside from their training and skills, dentists should be well-versed in human psychology and ethics. There is a lot of confusion surrounding dentistry, but there are many benefits of this profession.

Dentists perform comprehensive exams on people. They can identify problems with the teeth and gums, and may even conduct biopsies or diagnose diseases like diabetes or kidney failure. During a comprehensive dental exam, a dentist can also perform diagnostic tests or screen for oral cancer. These services are particularly useful for people with chronic health issues, or for people who smoke. The dentist can refer patients to a specialist who can provide additional care.

Endodontics perform apicoectomy surgery. Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to treat chronic infections in the mouth. This surgery is performed if the infection in the root canal is too persistent to heal on its own. A typical dentist will perform root canals on a three-to-seven percent of cases, but Lund performed more than ninety percent of them. This type of treatment takes one to two hours. It is an excellent procedure, and Lund questioned the durability of the bridge.

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